Conveyancing Quality Scheme

With the conveyancing market having frankly been a mess for many years, the Law Society conveyancing quality scheme standard is only to be welcomed, even if the inertia at the law society was perhaps only lifted by the changed attitude of lenders.


Frankly, there have been far too many conveyancers for many years, which has led to price wars, in turn meaning that in real terms, incredibly conveyancing costs have not gone up for over 20 years. Think of inflation and think of house price increases and the fact that estate agents charge a percentage of the sale price and this gives you a clear idea of the chaos for conveyancers. Even with the average conveyancing fee being easily less than £1,000.00 plus VAT and disbursements, the public still tend to believe that solicitors and conveyancers earn a lot of money !


All of the above also means that in the desperation to get volumes of instructions by charging ludicrously low fees for what remains a technical legal service, corners have been cut and it is very difficult for the public to know whether they are going to get a proper legal service or advice.


This is where the conveyancing quality standard comes in – it involves ongoing vetting by the Law Society of a number of aspects of the property law service provided by a firm, and being a member means a higher degree of trust with clients. At least that’s the theory because the other thing about other panels set up by the law Society is that they have been less than actively publicised by the Society or explained. Therefore, the public may not know and may still go for the cheapest ! the Law Society has pledged to advertise this scheme and others heavily and there is now some evidence that it is doing so with adverts appearing in serps over 15 million times recently for the new portal


Figures from the Law Society confirm that as at 2nd November 2011, it had received 1,443 applications from firms to join the Conveyancing Quality Scheme (CQS). Thus  far 768 have been accredited and 21 rejected.

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